The " Dag al haDan" restaurant is a pleasant and quiet place in nature.



The clean and clear air and the pastoral tranquility combine

with the sound of the stream.


The restaurant is spread over magical islands

surrounded by the running water of the Dan and the Hatzbani streams.


The restaurant tables are located among the plane,

fig and willow trees giving a nice shade and sense of nature.


Alongside the waterfalls live swans, ducks and peacocks.


Our main interest is, of course, the fish.


We offer a rich selection of fresh fish grown

right here in the fish ponds adjacent to the restaurant.


The main courses are served with a choice extra

that make the meal a first class culinary experience.


In addition, you can choose from a varied menu

of mouthwatering appetizers and desserts

that will make you want to lick your fingers.


Such food and such an atmosphere you will not find anywhere else.





"Dag al haDan" is a Dairy restaurant without a kashrut certificate.


Opening hours are from 12:00 until the last guest.


You can buy fresh fish at the restaurant

and enjoy a walking tour in the fish ponds.


Groups (over 20 people by appointment) will be able to enjoy a special group menu of lunch, dinner and breakfast.

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