Our company offers the original Garra Rufa spa fish.



The Garra Rufa fish in our farms naturally live in the Jordan River and provides the best result of spa fish pedicure.


We breed our Garra Rufa fish and take good care of their health. We have been in this Garra-Rufa fish market since 2007.


We own a constant stock  of Garra Rufa fish for immediate purchase.


Our farm export only perfect healthy fish which are constantly checked by a professional fish vet.

Our high quality Garra Rufa fish are worldwide appriciated.


We export our Garra Rufa fish to any place in the world. Our international extensive distribution is aimed to both bussinesses and consumers.


Customers around the world are using our Garra Rufa fish
for serveral main reasons:


  • -Fish ponds.

  • -Fresh water aquariums.

  • -Spa fish pedicure.

In our experience our Garra Rufa fish survive even long shipping durations.
They are shipped by airplanes. 

Jordan River Garra Rufa fish are stong and healthy.

We are proud of our special wonder fish.


We are at your service to any offer or futher information -


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