Fun days

In addition to the rafting and to ensure your overall experience and perfect pleasure, we have prepared for you a number of packages that combine fun and varied activities:


Cruise Package + bike trip


Looking for a bike trip in the north?

The track cycling goes out from the "Dag al ha Dan" kayak site. The cycling Track is along the Jordan River between orchards and the Hatzbani banks. The cycling track ends at the cruise site, in Kfar Blum.

Duration of the ride: about an hour and a quarter.


Cruise Package + a guided tour at a dairy farm


Cruise Package + an experiential guided tour in Kurlander's farm. All you ever wanted to know about modern dairy barn! Here you can try milking cows manually as in the past, Bottle feeding the calves, drinking fresh and tasty chocolate milk and enjoy other surprises. The tour at Kurlander's dairy farm takes you to a fascinating journey along the milestones of the dairy cow's life, and the children can even feed the calves in the barn with huge special bottles.

* Tours must be arranged in advance.


Cruise Package + ATV tour

ATV tours viewing the Golan Heights and Quneitra Valley, a wonderfull experience for the whole family.


Cruise Package + Paintball

Shooting and fighting games. The Hagoshrim's paintball invites you for a paintball shooting game at a beautiful place in the heart of the Galil. The paintball shooting game is based on a combat simulation game, by marking the targets with paintballs. The Paintball is suitable for women, men, children and adults, families and groups.


Our fun packages vary from time to time, so we offer to be updated at least once - twice a season and choose the package that best suits you.... Have fun!


If you are a group of 20 people or more, In addition to the integrated cards, you can enjoy the restaurant group menus.


You can put together a customized fun days and add various attractions according to the nature and type of the population Such as:


* Visiting wineries in the Upper Galilee and Ramot Naftali restaurant or wine workshops.

* Juggling and acrobatics workshops

* Various enrichment activities, etc.

**You can purchase the tickets at the box office site.

** The entry is subject to availability.

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