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The restaurant is a quiet and pleasant place in the great outdoors, the air is clean and clear and the pastoral tranquility blends in with the sound of the stream water. The restaurant spans magical islands surrounded by the flowing waters of the Dan and Hazbani.  The tables are set among the plantain, fig and willow trees that give a pleasant shade and sense of calm, creating magical and intimate corners
The restaurant is a kosher dairy fish restaurant. There is a rich selection of fresh fish grown right here, in the fish pools near the restaurant.

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CAMPING in season

dag al hadan Camping, If you are looking for a place to spend the day fun, have a picnic or just spend time with family and friends, you can find  Shaded corners in our camping .  you can find tables Picnic and magical nature atmosphere

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KAYAKS      in season

 an unforgettable sailing experience down the Hatzbani River. The stream is full of flowing water and rich vegetation, bustling with local animals, and offers a variety of challenging sailing routes for every level and age. Extreme real with breathtaking moments. Sailing on high water slopes, navigating between greenery and trees, and dozens of turbulent waterfalls 

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Fish farm, a tour in the visitors center at the fish farm "dag al ha Dan" is an ecological, natural and educational experience, in which we will witness the process of recycling and preserving nature for agricultural purposes Last but not least is the most luxurious corner of our spa.

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קבוצת דג על הדן, הינה קבוצה המאחדת תחתיה מספר אטרקציות שונות. מסעדת דג על הדן, היא מקום שקט ונעים בחיק הטבע, האוויר נקי וצלול והשלווה הפסטורלית
משתלבת עם צלילם של מי הנחל.

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