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תאריך הצטרפות: 30 בנוב׳ 2022

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A "vape" is a tobacco product in which flavored liquid is heated using a special device to produce a vapor that is inhaled. Vape flavored liquids sold in stores in Japan do not contain nicotine. Therefore, they are positioned as a separate product from conventional paper cigarettes and heated cigarettes such as IQOS.

Another feature of vape is the wide variety of different types of vape devices and flavored liquids available, from minty to fruity, so you can enjoy the taste and aroma according to your preference. The smell can also be used as a relaxing experience, as the unique smell is reduced compared to other cigarettes and you can enjoy your favorite aroma. Liquid with nicotine and without nicotine exist, but in Japan, stores are not allowed to sell nicotine-containing liquid. However, it is possible to import them from overseas for personal use.

Types of Vape Devices

To use a vape, it is necessary to have a dedicated device according to your preferred size, frequency of charging, and amount of smoke. Devices can be classified into four types, including box-type devices, and each has different characteristics.

Stick type

The stick type is the smallest of all vape devices, and its size is about the same as a paper cigarette, making it a very compact and easy-to-carry e-cigarette. Many of them turn on automatically by simply inhaling without any difficult operations, so anyone can use them easily at any time. They are also popular among women because of their colorful designs, and are often used as an aromatherapy device to relax and unwind. We recommend this product if you are not concerned about the amount of smoke, but just want to use it easily.


Pen-type devices are considered the standard size of vape devices. In addition to being easy to operate, with a single button to turn the power on and off, they are also stylish in appearance, making them popular among vape users. Although it is necessary to refill the atomizer with liquid when it runs out, this type is popular among vape beginners because it is relatively easy to maintain and does not require many consumables, and is recommended for those who want to try it out before starting to use a box-type vape.

Pod Type

Pod-type devices are the newest of the four types of vape devices made by China vape manufacturers, and they combine the convenience of a pen-type vape with the power of a box-type vape. They use a cartridge called a "POD" that contains liquid and a coil, so there is no need to refill the liquid or change the coil yourself. While being easy to operate with a single button like a pen-type device, it also has the power of a box-type device, so you can enjoy a strong and satisfying smoke. If you are looking for a device that is easy to carry and requires little maintenance, a pod-type device is recommended.


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